pinterest clone websites statistics

Pinterest Clone Websites Statistics

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Pinterest Clone Websites, do you know about these?

May be you know, may be not, but why clone Pinterest?

To say simply, Pinterest has grown it’s user base faster than any other social media site in history with a growth rate of close to 3,000% in the first 10 months. The site entered the top 10 social networks, according to Hitwise data, with 11 million total visits per week in December 2011.

So why we are talking about Pinterest Clones here, do we need to take care about these?

The idea is to get what Pinterest Clone sites target, to see if there are any new points are made by these sites if we compare with Pinterest. Because until this time, Pinterest itself is trying to find a correct business model to drive the huge traffic it has to the real money, so learning from competitors in a smaller target is worth for us to try, isn’t it?

Here is the list of pinterest clone websites (36 for now):

  1. Alibaba, a Chinese social shopping is testing with Pinterest model.
  2. Chill, a Pinterest for video.
  3. Dartitup, a Pinterest for dudes.
  4. Discover, a Pinterest for designers.
  5. Everplaces, a Pinterest for the real world
  6. Fyndesters, a Pinterest for art and design.
  7. Gentlemint, a Pinterest for gentlemen.
  8. GetVega, a Pinterest for compulsive listers.
  9. Gtrot, a Pinterest for travel and deals.
  10. Hunuku, a Pinterest for families.
  11. I Wanna Nom, a Pinterest for recipes.
  12. Kulisha, a Pinterest for social commentary.
  13. LittleMonsters, a Pinterest for Lady Gaga fans.
  14. Loverly, a Pinterest for weddings.
  15. Manteresting, a Pinterest for men.
  16. MarkPic, another Chinese social sharing clone.
  17. Minglewing, a Pinterest for discussion.
  18., a Pinterest for “sexy stuff” (aka porn).
  19. Pingram, a Pinterest for Instagram.
  20., a Pinterest for Russia.
  21. Pinspire, an exact replica of Pinterest.
  22. Likedby, a clone of Pinterest.
  23., a Pinterest for deals.
  24. Singterest, a Pinterest for Singapore.
  25., a Pinterest for porn.
  26. SnipIt, a Pinterest for news.
  27. SparkRebel, a Pinterest for fashion.
  28. Stylepin, a Pinterest for fashion.
  29. Sworly, a Pinterest for music.
  30. Tailored, a Pinterest for weddings.
  31. TheComplete.Me, a Pinterest for dating.
  32. TheFancy, a Pinterest for shopping, deals.
  33. Thinng, a Pinterest for things.
  34. Trippy, a Pinterest for travel.
  35. Wanderfly, a Pinterest for travel recommendations.
  36. Wanelo, a Pinterest for shopping.

If we missed a clone, make a comment and we’ll add it to the Pinterest clone websites list.

3 thoughts on “Pinterest Clone Websites Statistics

  1. Kannan

    Wow… amazing list of pinterest clones.

    One more pinterest clone named “PINDERFUL” (

  2. Senthilganesh

    Yeah me too noticed some of the recent came pinterest clones were not updated in this blog eg,. Pinnit,Pintastic etc.. It was looking outdated. Try to update this blog

    1. admin Post author

      Hello Senthilganesh,

      Not sure if we can find a Pinterest liked running website with Pinnit or Pintastic in the domain name :)

      It could be great if you put the domains of Pinterest liked website in your comment. Then if it’s true we will update our post!


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