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Pinterest Feeds – Add Pinboard to Magento sites

Pinterest Feeds – How to display your pinboard in your Magento site?

In previous posts, we often tell you about “How to publish a source you like or want to promote to Pinterest”. The source can be a product / a post or whatever you want! Today, we go to the opposite way _ how to display your Pinboard in your site!

It will be very useful to promote your Pinboard to everybody visits your site. It allows more and more people follow you and your site, get your latest pins and whatever you want to share via Pinterest!

Once again, we choose Magento as the platform your site is using to integrate Pinterest Feeds, Pinterest Pinboard to. It’s simply because there is a extension named Pingento that supports everything you need to setup your Magento site to interact with Pinterest!

If you haven’t used the extension yet, please install Pingento from Magento Connect. If you are using it, please upgrade to the latest verion (at this time, it’s 1.1.1).

upgrade Pingento to the latest version

Then go to the back office of Pingento, sure you will see a new config part about Pinterest Feeds parameters.

Pinterest Feeds Configuration

Almost parameters are easy to understand, so we will focus on important config elements like Pinterest Username, Pinterest Board Slug and Pins Maximum Number
- In case you enter your Pinterest Username & Pinterest Board Slug, it will show maximum “Maximum Number” latest Pins from your Pin Board (with your Board Slug) and your account (with your username)
- In case you enter only your Pinterest Username, it will show maximum “Maximum Number” latest Pins from your account (with your username)
- In case you don’t enter your Pinterest Username, it will show maximum “Maximum Number” latest popular Pins from Pinterest!

Also, it supports you to display “Pinterest Follow Button” to get more and more people follow you on Pinterest! You just need to enable the option named “Enable Pinterest Follow Button” to get the button display. You can change the image as well as the alt text of the button to whatever you want with options “Pinterest Follow Image Src” & “Pinterest Follow Image Alt”.

After setting all information, you will get your latest Pins from Pinterest in your Magento site!

pinterest feeds in 2 columns layout

pinterest feeds in 3 columns layout

So easy to integrate your Pinboard to your Magento site, isn’t it?

Don’t waste your time starting right now!

Reference Source: Pinterest Magento