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Pinterest Magento Linker – Add Pin It button to your site

Pinterest Magento Linker – Integrating Pinterest into your Magento e-commerce site! How to do?

In our previous post about “Make money with pinterest”, we told you about some ways to make money with Pinterest and these are commissions / affiliate earning from e-commerce sites.

Today, we will tell you how to make money with it from another view. It comes from your store itself! You will use Pinterest for marketing and promoting your products. The more your products are known, the more chances you can sell these. So from Pinterest, money comes to you indirectly!

We choose Magento as a platform for your website simply because it’s the best e-commerce open source in our opinion. Combine with a very cool and FREE Magento extension names Pingento, you are ready to start promoting your products to Pinterest :)

Surely there are many other platforms for e-commerce, so the rule is the same here, you will need to find a cool (and may be free :p) plugin, extension that supports for these platforms to integrate Pinterest to your site!

Now is for Magento store owner, i suppose you have a ready Magento website for selling products, then follow the following guide step by step to integrate Pinterest into your site:

1. Download and deploy the Pinterest Magento Linker from Magento Connect Manager by using Magento Connect 2.0 Key (or Magento Connect 1.0 Key)

Download Pinterest Magento Linker

Download Pinterest Magento Linker

2. Just need to clear all cache, logout and re-login again (to avoid 404 error page)
If you install it successfully, you can see a new menu for Pingento in your magento back office.

3. Click on the sub menu Configuration to go to the config page of Pingento, enable Pingento and may be other social network buttons like FB Like, G+, Twitter Tweet,… I like the vertical scrollbar layout, so enable this option.

Pinterest magento linker back office

Pinterest magento linker back office

4. That all you need to do, go straightly to your product page, you will get the layout like the following image.

5. And start to Pin your products to the hottest social network PINTEREST!

 pinterest magento frontend
That’s all things you need to do, very simple, right? And you will have a chance to introduce your products to the hottest current social network – PINTEREST!