Pinterest like layout from multiple networks with jQuery Socialist

pinterest like layout

pinterest like layout

Pinterest has seen enormous amounts of growth and traffic. They have become one of the top social networks nowaday! So what if you want to create a Pinterest like layout? Or more details, do you know how easy to create a Pinterest styled layout?

In past, we made some tutorials to share with you several Free Pinterest WordPress Themes as well as details of Pinterest Clone Websites Statistics. Today, we will focus more on a plugin that allows you to quickly and easily pull all of your social media networks into a single social stream and display them in a Pinterest like layout. So why getting data from your social media networks ? Because almost everyone is active on multiple social networks and displaying social streams is a widely-implemented when creating websites. And why a Pinteret like layout ? Because its fantastic layout designs, many people love it and use it everyday. So a similar layout with refresh content will catch their eyes. Wow, can’t wait anymore to tell you this plugin! It’s jQuery Socialist which can aggregate activities from a lot of networks and combines it in one place. It can get the contents from a range of popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, RSS and many others with ease. And the plugin can present the combined stream as a Pinterest like layout with responsive styles. We list here a brief on its features:

  • Aggregates social feeds from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, Pinterest, RSS Feeds, Craigslist, Google+ and more..
  • Pinterest like layout as well as multiple themes and responsive style
  • Easy to implement with jQuery and a few lines of code!

Don’t wait, try it and tell us your thoughts!